Tax & Finance Alert for Companies based in Canada Using Cloud Infrastructure: Risks of creating a tax nexus
May 1, 2014


Technology companies are at the forefront of multinationals operating in a developing new global tax environment. Their ever-evolving and increasingly borderless cloud-based business models have set off ascramble among companies and governments around the world to grasp cloud taxation issues and impacts.

CATA members have requested briefing materials on how  the cloud tax landscape will change in the coming months and years, and how big an impact can this have on profile, operational efficiency and profitability.

Advice & Guidance Documents Available

CATA member, EY is providing two briefing documents: the first is a 32 page Global Survey Report on Tax Consideration in cloud computing; and, the second is a 20 page briefing and guidance paper on Cloud taxation issues and impacts, from both the perspective of tax payers and tax authorities.

++ Action Item

Please contact CATA CEO John Reid at to obtain copies, including requests for guidance from Russ Roberts, CATA’s VP, Tax & Finance.