LAC CARLING 3.0 Spotlights Explosive Impact of Mobile, Open Data on Public Sector
May 1, 2013

The transformational opportunities for the Public Sector from the flood of mobile devices are to be explored in a new and powerful Lac Carling 3.0 Congress.  OCAD President and Vice-Chancellor Sara Diamond will highlight findings from “Taking Ontario Mobile”, the landmark new research, policy and strategy report. 

“With half of the world now owning a mobile device, this technology enables the Public Service to overturn its delivery of information and the very meaning of interactive citizenship,” said Dr. Diamond.  “Governments now have to super-charge their interactions to deal with ubiquitous connectivity, intense personalization, heightened access to social networks and media, and the Internet’s ability to know where you are and who is near you.”

The Lac Carling 3.0 Congress will take place on June 4, 2013, in a half-day interactive session, opened by the Mayor of Fredericton, Brad Woodside.  Featured leaders exploring the trends include event co-chair Fawn Annan, President and Group Publisher, IT World Canada,  and co-chair Roy Wiseman, Executive Director, Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA/ASIM Canada) and Past President, Institute for Citizen Centred Service (ICCS).

 “Public Sector leaders have converged at Lac Carling over the past decade to deal with many heartburn changes,” said Ms. Annan.  “Our new event, Lac Carling 3.0, recognizes that digital innovation is accelerating, impacting public expectations and increasingly re-shaping the options for public service delivery. Lac Carling 3.0 creates a community where politicians, senior public service practitioners, and three orders of government in Canada, converge with leading companies, NGOs and industry-respected CEOs. These partners share best practices and newly emerging ideas, in the delivery of digital solutions.”

All of the Lac Carling sessions focus upon advancing the transformation of government services in Canada for business, academia, governments and citizens.

Mobile and Open Data: Twin Giants

 “The demand for wireless devices is profoundly altering consumer behaviour in Canada and world-wide,” stated Ms. Annan.  “Mobile devices are becoming the most rapidly-adopted technology in history and the most popular and widespread personal technology in the world.  The deployment of high-capacity network infrastructure is well advanced in Canada.  Nine out of ten Canadians (?) own a cell phone.   This dramatically affects the way citizens interact with public services.

Open Data will soon impact the majority of citizens, and has been identified by governments around the world as one of the most important technological benefits of the digital age,  It has huge and positive impacts on public budgets, infrastructure efficiency, flexibility, and futures planning.  Combined with the number one social trend of our era – the migration of most of humanity into urban areas – the application of Open Data to Community Development promises to have major impacts on every stakeholder group within the community, and, as such, is worthy of intense study and clear understanding,” added Ms. Annan.

In a new development, emphasizing the importance of the issues, Lac Carling 3.0 is now part of the Intelligent Cities movement and will be featured in a half-day workshop at the upcoming i-Canada, Intelligent Cities Summit, The Seven Habits of Highly Intelligent Communities (June 3-4, 2013) attended by Premiers, Mayors, Economic Development Officers, Academia, CIOs, international leaders, and invited industry and public service representatives.  To register for the i-CANADA SUMMIT, which includes Lac Carling 3.0, visit:

“We are thrilled to have well-informed leaders join us at Lac Carling 3.0,” said Ms. Annan.  “Mayor Woodside is a champion of the use of digital solutions to help the public service deliver continuous success.  Sara Diamond has recently released a new research report on the subject, and Roy Wiseman has pioneered solutions as the first Chief Information Officer of Peel Region and as a thought leader in using technology to deliver citizen centred services. ”

Plenary sessions will address the art of the possible for Mobile Services and Open Data and drill into the new service delivery structures.  Such a combination will allow governments to transform themselves into a connected entity that responds to 21st century citizen expectations.

Who should attend  -- any executive concerned with these important Open and Mobile issues:

• Government to Citizen

• Government to Business

• Government to Employee

• Government to Government

For attendees, findings at the event and in a research study will be published in a special digital issue by IT World Canada.

About Lac Carling 3.0

For 15 years Lac Carling Congress established itself as the preeminent forum for the advancement of the IT and service delivery agenda in this country.  Lac Carling is in demand now more than ever, driven by --  a constant acceleration in the pace of change - that means that today, this instant, is the slowest it’s ever going to be!  Therefore a seminal approach to creating a community to deal with change is happening:  a vibrant, creative, ground-breaking showcase for public sector management & industry partners in what one now terms an Age of Disintermediation in communications, policy and industry usage.

About i-CANADA

i-CANADA is a movement dedicated towards making all Canadian communities  --  large and small, urban and rural  --  into Intelligent Communities, fully employing e-health, e-work, e-commerce, e-education and e-government, to provide the sustainable prosperity that comes from full digital enablement.  i-CANADA will provide Canadian communications with the rails of light that carry knowledge and ideas between them and shining communities of a global intelligent economy.  Its goal is to work with at least 30 Canadian communities, rural and local, to transform them into Intelligent Communities.  ‘First the community, then the country’, is the motto that i-CANADA uses to visualize the evolution of Canada into one of the world’s Intelligent Nations.  For more information visit: