CATA Partners to Offer MBA Scholarship
May 01, 2007

May 1, 2007

CATAAlliance Memorandum

ATTN: CATAAlliance Members

RE: Scholarship Fund Now Available


We are very pleased to announce a special academic partnership with the University of Fredericton CANADA, a new online university which offers an Executive MBA in Collaborative Leadership. Between now and June 21st, twenty CATAAlliance members (including members of CAIP and the CATA WIT Forum) will be eligible for a $7,500 scholarship towards the university's executive master of business administration program. All employees of your enterprise are eligible as presented at:

Please contact Tracy Pugh, University Enrollment Manager at 506-454-6232 ext. 1 to request more information on the scholarship program. It is important that you confirm your membership status in order to qualify for the CATA scholarship fund.

Note that the enrollment focus is on career-oriented students, management education, and real-life problem solving to help address issues of productivity, quality, and adaptation in a changing economy. Furthermore, through internet-based distance learning, the University is offering education that helps balance the professional and personal responsibilities held by those in the labour market now who cannot otherwise access university programs from where they live.

The University of Fredericton CANADA has just been designated as Canada's newest university under Section 3 of the Degree Granting Act of the Province of New Brunswick.

Innovation Nation Partnership

CATA's partnership with the University is part of "Innovation Nation" which identifies how Canada's economic future hinges on its ability to provide access to high-quality and affordable education, learning and training throughout peoples lives.

We think that you would agree that the 21st century 'learning force' needs a dramatically different kind of university, one which is designed to respond to a rapidly changing global society, with flexible access to higher education for working professionals, programs of global quality and the very best teaching from leaders in academic and industry.

University of Fredericton CANADA

The University of Fredericton CANADA is positioned to enhance access to lifelong learning. In a world that is increasingly complex, connected and flat, it is building bridges that link today's challenges and career choices to tomorrow's opportunities. Their approach is part of the CATA commitment of working to create leaders, entrepreneurs, innovative managers, strong communicators, and builders of sustainability.

The vision and direction for the University as it embraces the exciting opportunities of the next decade are to achieve strong growth and remarkable success with a mandate focused on collaborative leadership in graduate programs. There are merits in initially being small, learner-focused, and flexible because students can build strong networks with peers, establish close bonds with professors, learn in small class sizes, and be known individually to faculty and staff at all levels. The advantage of size enables organizations to react competitively to emerging academic disciplines and demands for new knowledge, skills, and customized programs from business and government.

CATA's International Members

While focused on the needs of Canadian students, there are also enrolment scholarships for international students - recognizing their participation is critical to our understanding of, and responsiveness to a global workplace. Please ensure that your international membership is current.

Engaging learners from different cultures is fundamental to fostering global citizenship and attracting international trade. In particular, the University of Fredericton's presence in Georgia and Romania in Eastern Europe, China, and especially in Mexico, creates international linkages with countries whose graduates are the entrepreneurs, the managerial class, the rising professionals, and tomorrow's leaders, influencers, and decision-makers in their countries.

In closing, the University's programs are highly relevant to the needs of a changing economy and a dynamic society. Equally important, its graduates will be at home in the world and represent a vital and thriving part of Canada's advanced technology future.

Yours truly,

John Reid
President, CATAAlliance
"Advancing the Business of Technology"
tel: 613-236-6550

Glenn McInnes
UC Education Inc.
tel: (613) 238-1900