Public Safety Interoperability in Canada – A Status Report: Join the Discussion (May 1 at 2 PM EST) with Public Safety Leaders on the state of interoperability among Canada’s Public Safety Agencies
April 28, 2014

Join CATA’s VP Research, Kevin Wennekes, as he interviews Eric Torunski and Lance Valcour O.O.M., respectively, the recently new and past Executive Directors of the Canadian Interoperability Technology  Interest Group (CITIG).

Since its inception and first national workshop in 2007, CITIG has been a recognized force in advancing the issues around Canada’s interoperability challenges and opportunities. CITIG can claim to have been an influence in many areas: from helping to conceive, encourage and support the Canadian Communications Interoperability Plan (CCIP),  create and refine the Communications Interoperability Strategy for Canada (CISC), and been an instrumental force in the advocacy of 700 MHz spectrum for the development of a nation Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN).

During this time, CITIG itself has undergone a number of transformations, starting as an interest group funded through the Canadian Police Research Centre, then as a funded project under the Canadian Safety and Security Program, to its current incarnation as a non-profit organization supported by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, and the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada.  Most recently, CITIG has seen a change in executive directors but not in its executive direction.

“Given our solid foundation, the success of the past year and outlook for the upcoming year, I am incredibly fortunate to take the reins of CITIG at this time,” remarks Eric Torunski, Executive Director. “Moreover, outgoing Executive Director Lance Valcour will remain very much involved with CITIG to focus on our signature events. We look forward to discussing CITIG’s plan and priorities for the future as we continue to harvest our significant partnership the CATAAlliance.”

Action Item

Join the conversation on May 1 at 2:00 PM EST and learn more about the future plans for CITIG and the on-going challenges and opportunities facing not only public safety organizations seeking to adapt to a need for an interoperable environment, but to vendors seeking to apply their unique products and services to the challenge, and to government departments struggling to define the nature and needs to support their emergency response communities.

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