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April 27, 2016

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Dear community members

Yes we launched a new web site, a milestone in a major project to develop and provision powerful digital assets for the community, assets that you can use (that is the key) to advance brand, profile and interest in what you do and care about.

Please read and view all about it at:

Ten Ways to Benefit from CATA Resources, Digital Assets and Templates Companies and executives are now using our platform of resources, digital assets and templates as leverage to:

  • create advocacy campaigns to address marketplace legislative issues
  • boost attendance and interest in planned seminar and Conference events
  • support and add investors to Crowdfunding campaigns
  • conduct Surveys and Research projects with more respondents to gain valuable market intelligence
  • garner downloads for your published research and white papers
  • develop video messaging for Video Sharing Channels as part of profile and brand creation
  • find customers and supply chain partners through RFP acceleration templates
  • attract talent to help advance innovation and growth
  • advertise in our Award winner digital newsletter
  • validate and endorse funding requests to third parties

If you have an interest in any of the above, then contact the CATA team and we can show you how by demonstrating examples. All part of building your success and realizing the big mission of advancing Canada’s innovation and competitiveness rankings.

On behalf of the CATA Innovation Leadership Council

John Reid, CATA CEO

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