TechNOW -- with John Foreman, Principal at ePath Consulting from Gurgaon, a tech centre outside New Delhi, India: Business insights
April 27, 2015

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CATA CEO, John Reid’s interview with John Foreman, Principal, ePath Consulting direct from Gurgaon, a tech centre just outside of New Delhi, focuses on the fast ecommerce market in India, a country with more than 300 million Internet users, growing by the equivalent of the entire Canadian online community every six month.

Facts & Figures

  • Gurgaon, a tech centre just outside New Delhi (a city of 21 million)

  • ePath Consulting, part of an initiative to bring training in global ecommerce best practices to business executives in India.   

  • India is a fascinating country experiencing incredible growth in many areas, but one of the most high profile areas is ecommerce. India has lagged behind many other countries, including China, due to issues around infrastructure, the regulatory environment and economic development.  But now India is the fastest growing ecommerce market in Asia, if not the world.

  • India has over 300 million Internet users and that figure is growing by the equivalent of the entire Canadian online community every 6 months

  • In addition, India has leap-frogged the west in terms of its adoption of mobile telephony – they are expecting there will be over 200 million smartphones in India by next year, which would put them ahead of the US as the world’s second largest smartphone market.  For most people, a smartphone is the only phone or digital device they have.

  • And with the growth in smartphones and internet access, ecommerce is taking off – it’s growing at 70% per year, compared to less than 20% per year back in North America.

  • With that type of growth rate you can imagine India is attracting a lot of attention from global ecommerce leaders like Amazon and eBay, but frankly the homegrown players are holding their own with domestic ecommerce companies like Flipkart and Snapdeal leading the market.  And not only have these companies been quick learners from the global leaders, they are innovating and doing things that no other companies are doing.

  • For example, just a few weeks ago, Flipkart, the market leader, announced that they were shutting down their website and will interact with their customers entirely through their mobile app – they claim this gives them a greater ability to offer their customers a truly exceptional and personalized online shopping experience.     

  • the entire country is a living ecommerce laboratory

  • It’s an incredible market for tech start-ups – over 1200 tech startups here last year and over $5B in VC funding deals were done – in both cases, the highest India has ever seen.

  • Ecdemy eBusiness Learning Solutions, a new Canadian company, which is setting up a training academy in Chandigarh, just a few hours from here.  Ecdemy will offer a range of training options from executive seminars, customized corporate training and a 6 month classroom-based program that is the equivalent of a mini-MBA in ecommerce.

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