i-CANADA, IT WORLD Canada, Support “Intelligent Community” Sustainability Agenda
April 26, 2012

New Partnership focuses on creating nation of Intelligent Communities: Asset Mapping, Vision Alignment, Regional Power, Crowdfunding, Ultrabroadband for Social and Business Networking 

Toronto, April 27, 2012  --  The launch of a new co-branded website for i-CANADA --  www.icanada.nu  --  symbolizes an alliance between Canada’s largest B2B technology network and the leading movement for the creation of an “Intelligent Nation”, say the principals of the two organizations involved.

“IT WORLD Canada is now working with i-CANADA on issues that accelerate the creation of Intelligent Communities “  said Fawn Annan, President and Group Publisher.  “Creating centres where digital inclusion, e-business, social progress, and community sustainability are driven forward in a unified agenda is the goal.  The result will be community sustainability, in an era where ultra-broadband connectivity is the fundamental economic building block.”

i-CANADA co-Founder Barry Gander, EVP of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) added:  “We recognize that high-tech is now in our DNA, to the point where the UN has declared high-speed broadband to be a fundamental human right.  In other words, to be considered as a ‘human being’ today, you need food, shelter, and broadband.

“Canada has many communities that are world leaders  --  and we are determined to transmit their lessons to the hundreds of communities across Canada whose leaders have recognized that they cannot afford to be off the arteries that connect them to the global economy.”

“For 30 years, CATA has been fostering the evolution of high technology in Canada,” stated CATA President John Reid.   “i-CANADA is an acknowledgement that the work we have been doing with communities over the past decade, has been the right course.”

i-CANADA and IT World Canada are working on programs devoted to:

Community Asset benchmarking and futures mapping, to lay out growth options;

 Ø      Alignment of community vision and tactics, to consolidate and energize community groups;

 Ø      Analytical and Infrastructure Development frameworks, to show where and how to build networks;

 Ø      Use of Open Data and Open Systems, to make community information available for development;

 Ø      Crowdfunding, to tap the power of social media for start-up financing;

 Ø      New community high-tech solutions, to share ideas; and

 Ø      Mobile communications, especially for First Responders, to solve transportation issues.

Bill Hutchison, Chair of i-CANADA, forecast that “Transforming Canada through a world class national framework and infrastructure to achieve i-Nation status will reverse our comparative global decline in innovation, productivity and broadband communications.  It will enhance our leadership in delivering a strong and sustainable “triple bottom line” of economic, social and environmental performance throughout the evolution of the Knowledge Age and we will create new hope and economic opportunities for all Canadians.”

Mr. Hutchison, who has been the prime mover in the creation of many of Canada’s flagship and transformational high-tech organizations, including CANARIE, added the “We are delighted to be working with IT World Canada on the ultimate transformational project: the creation of an entire Intelligent Nation, community-by-community.”

 About i-CANADA

i-CANADA is a movement dedicated towards making all Canadian communities  --  large and small, urban and rural  --  into Intelligent Communities, fully employing e-health, e-work, e-commerce, e-education and e-government, to provide the sustainable prosperity that comes from full digital enablement.  i-CANADA will provide Canadian communications with the rails of light that carry knowledge and ideas between them and shining communities of a global intelligent economy.  Its goal is to work with at least 30 Canadian communities, rural and local, to transform them into Intelligent Communities.  ‘First the community, then the country’, is the motto that i-CANADA uses to visualize the evolution of Canada into one of the world’s Intelligent Nations.  For more information visit: www.icanada.nu

 About IT WORLD Canada

IT World Canada has been delivering award winning content to the ICT community since 1984 and over the past 5 years has experienced an extraordinary refit and change in scope and scale. It is a company that has successfully transitioned from traditional publishing to a leading edge Digital Solutions Media Provider. Its readers and clients are the most sophisticated consumers of information, communications and technology (ICT) information in Canada. What they read, how they engage and what they want is leading edge. Where publishing is going,  IT World Canada is  already there.