The Forgotten Dimensions of Success and Failure of Projects: Complete the Survey Today
April 25, 2011

PRO5, a research group whose team members are students of graduate studies in Project Management at the Université du Québec, are conducting research on "The Forgotten Dimensions of Success and Failure." While the survey should only take a few minutes of your time to complete, the data collected will yield rich results in support of project management research, and will be shared with the participants.

The survey can be accessed online at:


Research on the success and failure of projects has generally focused on three traditional criteria: time, cost and scope – known as the "Triple Constraint". The purpose of this survey is to explore what other dimensions may exist – beyond the Triple Constraint – that are worthy of exploration as to their discrete or collective impact on project success or failure, and how these results may be similar or different, across a number of industry sectors. We call these "The Forgotten Dimensions of Success and Failure."

Your participation is greatly appreciated. All completed surveys are strictly confidential.

Thank you,

PRO5 Team Members

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