TechNOW with Bruce Gilkes, President, C4i Consultants: a 2014 Fast Growth Company
April 24, 2014

TechNOW with Bruce Gilkes, President, C4i Consultants: a 2014 Fast Growth Company

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TechNOW w/ Bruce Gilkes, President, C4i Consultants

CATA CEO, John Reid, interviews C4i President, Bruce Gilkes on the number one contributing factor to C4i's success.

C4i Consultants #15 on the 2014 Fast Growth 50 Head Office Calgary President Bruce Gilkes Founded 2003 Number of Employees 24 You've probably heard that looks can be deceiving. And if you still don't believe it, well, take a spin out to the office of C4i Consultants, in a conspicuously inconspicuous one-story building in a business park near the Calgary airport. It defines drabness, and belies the fascinating work taking place inside. That's partially by design. As a company that does business with the U.S. military, C4i isn't in the habit of advertising itself. And it doesn't have to, either, thanks to the success it's had building and selling its simulation software programs to that military and a host of other high-profile clients including NATO, the Centers for Disease Control and even a few armies in the Middle East. But that self-imposed cone of silence may be about to lift, as the company looks to market its services to an oil and gas sector that could desperately use them. The company got its start with a single phone call back in 2002, when Bruce Gilkes, a former tank driver and longtime Canadian forces reservist and the company's president and CEO, agreed to take on a project for a contact in Saudi Arabia. They needed American simulation software translated from English into Arabic, and had been told by Lockheed Martin that "for a million dollars, we'll tell you how much it costs." Gilkes stepped in to do the work... "

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