CATAAlliance Advocacy Leadership: Read about Innovation, Tax & Finance & Mobility First initiatives
April 23, 2013

CATAAlliance is an active participant in the formation and delivery of government framework tax policies, regulations and activities that are critical to the success of Canada's high-tech industries. Your corporate guidance and participation are needed to advance innovation nation advocacy.

Advocacy Leadership: David Farnes Joins CATA Team: Mobility First

David Farnes has joined the CATAAlliance Management Team as an Executive in Residence (EiR) to assist in advancing Canadian Telecom advocacy and business development in key areas of opportunity such a Mobility Health Care, Public Safety & Security and Mobility Communications generally.

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Advocacy Leadership: Russ Roberts, Sr. VP Tax, Finance & Advocacy

Russ Roberts  is Senior Vice President, Tax & Finance & Advocacy and a recognized thought leader in the area of innovation tax incentives ( such as the SR&ED program).  His expertise in regulatory reform helps focus advocacy programs on obtaining regulation and tax measures  from both a policy and a business perspective. He is now leading multiple advocacy Campaigns.

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