Women in Tech (WIT) Call to Action! Global Expansion of the Women in Tech (WIT) Social Network Action: Opt-In today
April 22, 2015

Women in Tech Call to Action!

Attn: Women in Tech executives (private & public sectors)

Re: Global Expansion of the Women in Tech (WIT) Social Network

Action: Opt-In today at the URL below

Dear Women in Tech executives Please reach out today to your team members and closest peers in Canada and abroad with the request to opt-in to the fully moderated Women in Tech (WIT) social media Community on LinkedIn.

++Action Requested: Join the WIT Group today at this URL: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/CanWIT-Division-CATAAlliance-3307815/about

You will see that our current WIT Community has more than 1 thousand members who now benefit from peer networking, event postings, information sharing and discussion threads relating to innovation, advanced technologies & career advancement.

We are now actively growing this group internationally as part of expanding WIT's scope and value added to participants.

We are also crowdsourcing the collective wisdom of the Group for best ideas in advancing Canada’s position as a global hub of innovation and entrepreneurship excellence. Watch for new WIT advocacy!

Thank you for participating.

CATA’s WIT Leadership team info@cata.ca

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