Feds legacy IT threatens service delivery, hiring By: Kathleen Lau On: 21 Apr 2010 For: ComputerWorld Canada
April 22, 2010

The revelation by the Auditor General of Canada finds that a lack of IT modernization is a barrier to creating modern culture and service, experts say. Why it’s not easy for the public sector to implement enterprise-wide apps

The Auditor General of Canada’s 2010 Spring Report says the federal government is failing to modernize aging IT systems. One expert warns this has serious implications on hiring and service delivery.  

While the report’s findings will influence funding allocation for IT administrators looking to refresh IT equipment, the failure to manage legacy systems directly links back to other facets like corporate culture and service to citizens, said John Reid, president and CEO with Ottawa-based CATA Alliance.


“You can’t separate the modernization of technology with the evolution of corporate culture within the public service,” said Reid.


The federal government can’t run the latest applications on an antiquated infrastructure, nor can it send the message to potential hires that they’ll be working on the most advanced technology, said Reid. “That’s not a signal that you’re creating the modern culture within the modern service,” he said.


The report released Tuesday focuses on five agencies: Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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