New Group Benefits Insurance Plan Brings Value and Savings to Companies with Under and Over 25+ Employees: CATAAlliance
April 22, 2008

Of special interest to companies reviewing their Group Benefits Plans

Previously only available to large companies, CATAAlliance is now offering a new cost-saving Group Benefits and Services Plan for companies with a minimum 10 employees (on health and dental) to 25+ employees.  Your current insurer cannot offer the custom and proven approach, methodology and solutions now available to CATAAlliance members..

Here are the results from our test market, for five Cases:

  • Client A - 15 ee's - $26,000 in annual savings
  • Client B - 13 ee's - $21,000 in annual savings
  • Client C - 17 ee's - $19,000 in annual savings
  • Case  D - 33 ee's - $26,000 in annual savings
  • Case  E - 127 ee's - $129,000 annual savings

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