Implementing 'Accountability' in Government
April 21, 2006

Interactive Government Executive Roundtable
  Interactive Government Executive Roundtable

Rex MurphyWith his informed, insightful and sometimes biting commentary on Canada and Canadian politics, our keynote speaker will be social commentator and editorial journalist, Rex Murphy.

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May 18th, 2006

7:30 am – 12:00 pm

The Westin Ottawa
11 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON

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Governments in most modern democracies have been challenged with building effective structures, while maintaining responsible stewardship of public resources. Doing so requires a public service that can assess spending, challenge inefficient processes, evaluate and report on program performance, and operate transparently. It also requires the good management and strong organizational performance that ultimately depend on people.

Please join your colleagues for this unique government executive roundtable as we discuss:

  • What are your plans to detect and mitigate fraud, waste and abuse?
  • How can you build an effective structure that is transparent and delivers measurable value?
  • How can you implement accountability in the government?
  • Which processes and controls need to change in order to take the current government to the next level?
  • How are leading government entities delivering value while maintaining a transparent structure?

This interactive event will provide you and your colleagues with an opportunity to network and discuss challenges in execution and also discover current best practices.

Registration begins at 7:30am sharp
From 8:00am to Noon -
  Executive Leadership Roundtable
  Break-out Discussions
  Rex Murphy Keynote Presentation
  Wrap-up & Networking Opportunity

Following the event, a white paper report, a number of case studies and presentations will be made available to you.