CATAAlliance Executive Joins National Police Chiefs Association Technology Committee Towards More Open Communications with Industry – Interview with Co-Chair
April 19, 2016

wennekes.jpgKevin Wennekes Advances Canada's Security Agenda: Join the Mission!

CATAAlliance Executive Joins National Police Chiefs Association Technology Committee Towards More Open Communications with Industry – Interview with Co-Chair

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police ( welcomes the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance’s (CATAAlliance) Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes, who has joined their Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) Committee to act as a neutral industry advisor, proactive advocate supporting the Committee’s agenda, and outreach partner sharing key developments to its expansive network of industry and government stakeholders.

“The ICT Committee has struggled with the question on how to respond to industry’s interests in being more involved in our work while further allowing us to benefit from their expertise and advice,” says ICT Committee Co-Chair Brendan Dodd, aned Inspector with the Windsor Police Service. “CATAAlliance is recognized as a long-standing advocate for many critical issues related to technology and policing and has over its long-time partnership with public safety agencies demonstrated itself to be a trusted, vendor-neutral agency on whom we can depend to reflect broader industry opinion and feedback. The Committee unanimously agreed CATAAlliance can uniquely act as a dependable, impartial industry champion while continuing to be a strong proponent for the policing technology community.”

“I am extremely honoured to join this esteemed body,” says Mr. Wennekes. “This is a tremendous validation of almost a decade of working alongside our first responder partners towards creating a more open dialogue with, and greater awareness of, Canada’s leading innovators. In preliminary discussions with the Committee, we are already looking at potential new outreach initiatives including monthly, live, video podcast updates, conducting virtual ‘Dragons Den’ broadcasts, and collaboration on new events.”

The CATAAlliance is a recognized champion of many public safety initiatives supporting Canada’s policing community, including a successful advocacy campaign securing 700 MHz spectrum dedicated to responders for the development of the National Public Safety Broadband Network, supporting the development of the Canadian Interoperability Continuum and the Canadian Community Safety Information Management Strategy, and through the recent execution of a National Policing Cybercrime Summit issued a whitepaper outlining Canada’s seven key cybercrime priorities and needs.

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Interview with CACP ICT Committee Co-Chair Brendan Dodd

Tune into this planned 10-minute interview with Inspector Brendan Dodd, Windsor Police Service, and Co-Chair of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police ICT Committee, as he provides an overview of the mandate, composition and priorities being addressed by the ICT committee. 

Inspector Dodd will also discuss plans for the development of a dedicated series of podcasts featuring ICT committee representatives offering regular updates on key activities taking place on specific files such as NG 911, the Canadian Community Safety Information Management Strategy, and Nationally-Accepted Background Checks for Vendors, to name only a few.

Watch this live broadcast on Wednesday, May 4 at 11:00 a.m. EST by using this link at the provided date/time:  

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