Launch of “” strategic platform saves money, resources and the environment! CATA and partners, sponsors, take leadership position and practical tools to achieve green IT
April 19, 2009

Ottawa, April 19, 2009  --  CATAAlliance and its partners have unveiled a multi-prong strategy to help Canadian managers in all organizations understand how to build a green IT strategy that both delivers near-term, quantifiable cost savings, and long-term environmental benefits.

Called “Greener”, the initiative is being spearheaded by CATA Director Michael O'Neil, CEO and CCO, IT in Canada, and involves a partnership of InformationWeek Canada, Canadian Government Executive, CRN Canada, and CATAAlliance, plus sponsorship from APC, D-Link, Samsung, Apple, Cisco, IBM, Lexmark, ServerTech, Targus, Toshiba, and Loop Enterprises.


“ I'm delighted to announce the launch of,” said Mr. O’Neil.  “ consists of many different initiatives, including a content-rich microsite, in-person and virtual events, and a print publication. All are designed to support a much-needed objective: helping Canadian managers in virtually every type of  organization  --  large and small, public and private sector   --  gain concrete bottom-line insights and materials to engage their staff, shareholders, and communities in green IT activities.

The campaign starts with a CATA TeleForum on Earth Day, April 22nd, at Mr. O’Neil will present some findings from original GreenIT research.  At the TeleForum, Mr. O’Neil will be joined by Sean McDonough of APC and a few other guest experts to answer questions from the audience.


ACTION ITEM:  Participate in the CATA TeleForum, which goes from 11-12 am (Eastern time) on April 22, by  contacting Emily Boucher of CATA at 613-236-6550 ext. 4, or via email at (please use Teleforum-Green IT in the subject line).

On that same day, a Green IT microsite will be launched, The site will have forums, green IT news, white papers - and over time, video and webinars as well. People who register for the site will get access to members-only materials, starting with two white papers that written specifically to mark the launch.  One of the white papers has more than 100 links to materials that can be used to investigate different aspects of a green IT agenda, and the other paper has links to web-based green IT calculators that can be used to assess the value of different green IT initiatives.

The next link in the GreenerIT initiative is the GreenerIT event, which is being held in Vaughan, Ontario, on May 5. This all-day event is designed to be highly interactive, giving attendees a chance to explore different aspects of green IT - inside the data centre, across client and departmental devices, and ways of applying IT to reduce cost and carbon in business operations outside of the IT department - in discussions with their peers, industry experts, and luminaries such as Bill St. Arnaud of CANARIE and Jean-Jerome Baudry of Think Green Alliance. The event is free to IT managers from "end-user organizations." Breakfast and lunch will be served, as well as post-event cocktails and snacks. Toshiba will be holding a draw for a laptop at the cocktail reception, and other surprises are in store as well!


ACTION ITEM: Please contact Sandra Service at 905-727-4091 x 228 or if you'd like to register for the event.

Lastly, a series of videos and webinars will be delivered through over the course of the summer, and through September.

ACTION  ITEM:  Please register on the site to stay informed about these activities as they roll out!

For further information on, please contact:

Michael O'Neil
CEO and CCO, IT in Canada
John Reid

CEO, CATAAlliance