Calgary Technology Community Executives Huddle to Deal With Critical Skills Shortage In Advanced Technology, Oil and Gas
April 18, 2007

Calgary Technologies Inc. works with Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance

Calgary, April 18, 2007 -- Senior executives from Calgary’s oil and gas and advanced technology sectors will be gathering on May 1, 2007 at the Haskayne School of Business to pool ideas to resolve a serious growth bottleneck: the shortage of skilled workers. The major Canadian Oil and Gas Associations are joining in this event to ensure its success. IBM and Siemens consider the issue so key to their clients’ growth that they are the major sponsors of the event.

“Qualified staff in Calgary is in such short supply that many public companies are now including action plans for dealing with this problem in their quarterly reports,” said John Masters, President and CEO of Calgary Technologies Inc. “Our community is renowned for its ability to work together to solve problems, and the Roundtable event will give leaders a platform for creative solutions.”

The event, “Managing Growth when talent is scarce and costs are high. What are the keys to success? Who’s making progress and how?”, will start with a leadership round table that will have industry leaders discussing the event in a format reminiscent of a kitchen table conversation. The conversation creates a powerful sharing of ideas, experiences, and expertise, and conflicting approaches to the problem are encouraged. The result is a strategic understanding of the problem and practical solutions.

Participating with an expert panel will be 80 other executives in the oil and gas sector, who will contribute their views. The break out sessions will include Outsourcing Business Functionality, Relocating Part of the Business, and Bringing Staff to Calgary. The knowledge contained in the break out sessions is shared and discussed with the entire group of executives.

Online Flash Poll

“Canada’s biggest high-tech association is treating this Roundtable as a solutions springboard,” said Barry Gander, Executive Vice President of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance). “Together with our special partner Calgary Technologies Inc., we are looking forward to hearing how Calgary’s executives are breaking the skills shortage logjam!” Mr. Gander encouraged executives to take two minutes before the event to complete a “flash poll” on the skills shortage, as a reality check and backgrounder, at:

All the knowledge and insight in the sessions is captured and published as a white paper several weeks later. The white paper will be sent to over 8,000 industry leaders.

While there is no charge to attend the event, it is on a first-come, first serve basis and is limited to senior executives from companies with over 50 employees. Executives can register by contacting Wanda Gomes, Program Director at The Access Group: by phone at (416) 629-7924 or by emailing name, title, company and contact information to