M-Health in a Connected Car
April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

Personalized M-Health in a Connected Car, a Mobile Health Care Project

The New 80 page Market Intelligence Report and Survey, prepared by the mCare Group and CATAAlliance is now available at the CATA Research Repository.

Executive Summary:

Almost eight in ten Americans surveyed expressed interest in mobile health solutions. Why the interest? North Americans have become more proactive in managing their personal wellness and health, and are finding that the time available to them while travelling offers a healthcare 'window'. From a provider viewpoint, Canadian and American institutions are continuously seeking new ways to provide better quality and affordable healthcare, as traditional healthcare systems are under stress. Making healthcare mobile provides another avenue to explore accessible, low cost, care, whenever and wherever it is required.

Then, what makes the automobile a good mobile healthcare platform? Average Canadians spend on average one hour a day commuting to work. Experts estimate that Canadians will spend more time commuting as cities increase in size. With the increased pace of modern lives, the car has become the last bastion of discretionary time. Therefore, the opportunity is there to deliver vehicle-based health services directly to Canadians and Americans alike.

Mobile healthcare is challenging the way we consume healthcare services. It takes healthcare out of the traditional institutions and into the hands of beneficiaries. Traditional healthcare institutions are expensive to operate and healthcare resources are limited. To alleviate this situation, stakeholders look at alternative solutions. Mobile healthcare is one such alternative. Mobile healthcare is at home, in remote locations, in the field and maybe next in the automobile.

Pressure is on governments to act. Experts estimate that by 2020 nearly half of all Americans will suffer from some form of chronic illness. And North America's population ages at an increasing rate and with it an increased demand on the healthcare system.

This paper introduces a new concept for a vehicle-based health application platform, described with operational scenarios. Following this, key elements of a preliminary feasibility analysis are analyzed.

++ Action Item:
Executives can immediately download a copy of the Report & Survey, entitled: Personalized M-Health in a Connected Car, at the CATA Research Repository. Report cost is $ 295 for non subscribers.

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