CATAAlliance is integrating social networks into our business platform
April 14, 2008

CATA is integrating social 'productivity' networks into our business platform, in addition to expanding our outreach contact databases in Canada and abroad.

The first social network being adopted is CATA Facebook for Business presently numbering 400 users who have been providing us guidance on desired architectures.

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In order to join CATA Facebook for Business please go to:

We have also added CATAAlliance Global, powered by Viadeo. The Viadeo network presently has 250 users who have been providing us guidance on desired architectures. It has some unique features and benefits.

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In order to join CATAAlliance Global, powered by Viadeo please go to:

Subscribes will be presented with a Create Your Account Page that will collect your basic profile information. Once you are confirmed as a subscriber through email notification, you will then be invited to join the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance Community which comprises a number of Forums. Please sign up to the CATAAlliance General Forum and any of the others that are of interest to you.  An important feature to note is that you can manage the frequency of notifications (i.e., email alerts) from your forums. Some users prefer weekly, monthly or not at all.

We will be advising you of other social networks currently in beta as well as add on services specifically designed to promote business growth and/or reduce operating costs.

If you have any questions or guidance then please contact the undersigned.

John Reid,

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