Insights into the Strategic Direction of RCMP’s Technology Investments as Shared by CIO Michael Doucet
April 13, 2012

As part of the monthly Public Safety Perspectives webinars being co-hosted by the Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC) and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Chief Information Officer Michael Doucet cordially shared in a national dialogue with Canadian vendors, responders and other public safety leaders during the March 2012 session.

An audio copy of this call is now available for download – listeners will hear:
  • Details on his three tenets: Enterprise Approach – Predictable Outcomes – Run a Professional IM/IT Organization

  • His priorities: Information management; mobile technology strategy; collaboration and networking tools; security integration

  • Future directions on working with industry partners

  • Plans for bringing senior RCMP leaders together with recognized thought leaders and subject matter experts on the “Art of the Possible”

  • Extended Q&A with webinar participants – over 30 minutes of dialogue touching on issues such as:
    • Where are the RCMP in their response to the recent 700 MHz broadband spectrum allocation for public safety
    • Beyond the Borders and National Information Exchange Model initiatives
    • RCMP's interaction with Shared Services Canada
    • RCMP's social media strategy in support of operations
Access the download here:

Join us April 26 for a webcast to discuss the findings of IDC's CPRC-funded study on Land Mobile Radio spending and the implications for interoperability amongst first responders.
Again co-hosted by Steve Palmer, Executive Director of the CPRC, and CATA’s VP Research, Kevin Wennekes, hear Alison Brooks, PhD, PMP, Research Director, Public Sector for IDC Canada, and Eldon Amoroso, O.O.M. Senior Director, Support Services Division London Police Service (Ret’d) and currently Consultant for Birch Forest Projects, discuss highlights from a recently completed national study on the funding and acquisition of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems within the public safety sector.

"In short, the study confirms that a sizeable amount of LMR technology, C$1.75 Billion to be specific, will be refreshed or replaced by 2016," says Alison Brooks. "And while procurement consolidation is further advanced than previously thought, there is still a lot of opportunity to coordinate and advance interoperability pan-nationally in Canada. Lastly, another key finding to emerge from the study was that the First Responder community and government stakeholders need to continue to advocate for the allocation of spectrum to meet the existing realities of digital data flow in the 21st century."

This is a vital webinar to participate in if you are considering a new radio system or an upgrade of your existing system, or a vendor/manufacturer selling into this vertical.

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