Shared Services Canada (SSC) Forum: Guidance Sought for Open Question & Survey Deployment
April 13, 2012


Attn: Executive members (Shares Service Canada Forum)
Re: Guidance Sought for SSC Open Question/Survey Deployment

From: John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance

Dear SSC members

Members of the SSC Forum have asked us to set up an on-line form so that guidance and feedback can be provided on a private and confidential basis without attribution to the contributor. We have had similar privacy requests in the past regarding providing comments and observations on company experience with R&D tax credits.

CATAAlliance will play the role of transmitting this guidance to the appropriate government officials and also incorporate advice received in its advocacy campaign messaging to public agencies and media. 

++ Action requested: Please review the open question below and provide feedback/edits to  It is the suggested open question that will be bundled in a concise five question Survey/Poll regarding SSC. All responses will be private and confidential and released only under  the CATAAlliance name, if and when required for advocacy.


During the early nineties the Federal Government moved to standardization on a variety of innovative COTS solutions to drive efficiencies and productivity, some of which have been realised some of which have added complexity and a reliance on a small number of vendors that may or may not be at the forefront of current innovative business models. 

Innovation does not stand still and adhere to the past, examples of which Canadians have witnessed firsthand with the demise of Nortel and the current value shifts in the smart phone marketplace. Innovation helps create new markets and business opportunities and eventually goes on to disrupt existing technologies and their respective value networks whereby displacing an earlier innovations. Adoption of new technologies is key to Canada’s competitiveness and productivity both of which are not mutually exclusive.

Open Question: 

How will SSC balance the adherence to standards selected two generations ago with the current technology trends transforming the global ICT sector?

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