Public Safety Experts Address Cybersecurity and Anti-Fraud and Corruption
April 12, 2016

Tune in to new video webcasts released today featuring noted public safety experts sharing their insights into the challenging dilemmas facing companies and communities today in areas of cybersecurity and fraud and corruption, and tune in later this week to learn more about police-private sector collaboration efforts.

Chief Superintendent Don Bell, Ontario Provincial Police

Watch as CATAAlliance's Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes, interviews Chief Superintendent Bell in his role as Forum Chair in a discussion around the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Private Sector Liaison Educational Forum taking place April 18-20. The 2016 Forum's theme is: Collaborating to Combat Corruption and Fraud.

In this 8-minute interview, Chief Superintendent Bell shares more information on the CACP's Private Sector Liaison Education Committee and its mandate, and provides an overview of the Forum's agenda, topics and speakers.

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Danny Timmins, National Cyber Security Lead, MNP

Watch as Mr. Wennekes interviews Danny Timmins on his company's experiences in helping companies mature their own cybersecurity strategies and reflecting on the value being offered to new and developing businesses through information sources such as Public Safety Canada's Get Cyber Safe site ( Mr. Timmins offers a focus on the needs of small to medium sized enterprises as they grow from the garage to enterprise.

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Al Treddenick, Director, National Security and Law Enforcement Liaison, Blackberry
Join this live webcast on Wednesday, April 13 at 10:00 a.m. EST.

Mr. Wennekes will host a discussion with Al Treddenick on the private sector support for the CACP through the Private Sector Liaison Committee (PSLC) and in particular the upcoming Fraud and Corruption Forum.

The PSLC is comprised of representatives from law enforcement, other government departments, and the private sector and was created to be a conduit that strengthens the partnership between private enterprise and law enforcement. This is especially important given the current fiscal realities being experienced by the law enforcement communities. An open dialogue on the issues, concerns, and obstacles involved could form the basis for Private-Public Partnerships which may assist in finding cost effective and efficient solutions to Canadian communities safe.

Examples of this are the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre where the financial community and law enforcement have come together to combat criminal activity. Another example is the upcoming Forum on Fraud and Corruption. Private enterprise have very strict rules to adhere to when conducting their business activity. Cooperation and sharing of information concerning fraudulent or corrupt activities is essential if the goal is the reduction and elimination of this threat. The first step is creating a greater public awareness of this issue which is the goal of the upcoming PSLC Forum.

Tune in to this live broadcast using this link at the designated date/time:

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Police-Private Sector Liaison Education Forum - Collaborating to Combat Corruption and Fraud

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