Alliance With UK Aims At “Crucial” Commercial Opportunity
April 10, 2014

i-CANADA and the Government of the United Kingdom are forming mutual Executive Working Groups to spur international trade in services and products related to smart cities;  those interested in finding out more about how to participate should connect with Barry Gander, Co-Founder, i-CANADA.

In a recent meeting with i-CANADA, U.K. Universities and Science Minister David Willetts stated that the development of smart cities is a “crucial commercial opportunity for Britain”.  Willets said the government is keen to ensure that Britain gets a “good slice” of an expected £6.5 trillion investment in city infrastructure globally over the next 10 to 15 years. Within that budget, the market for integrated city systems is estimated to be worth £200 billion a year by 2030. 

“Britain is the right place to be doing this, as it was the first country to go through that crucial demographic shift to more than half the population living in cities,” he said. “We have more historic experience of being urbanised than any other country in the world.”

Aligning with Canada is a perfect fit, as Canadian communities have done extremely well in global competitions for smart cities.  Three Canadian communities are in the top seven challengers for this year’s international Intelligent Community Forum award for Most Intelligent Community.

The goals of the Canadian Executive Working Group are to increase trade between our countries, and through the U.K. to the globe.  Specifically, the Group wants to:

1.            Participate in shared global marketing programs and opportunities with U.K. partners;

2.            Create new services in collaboration with U.K. organizations, which could lead to new sales;

3.            Market better across Canada by raising profile and by getting to know each other’s services; and

4.            Develop shared standards to accelerate the development of Intelligent Communities


The Canadian Executive Working Group is chaired by Geoff Cronin, President of Capgemini Canada.  i-CANADA is a CATA partner working to “Help Canadians Build Places Where People Want to Live, in the World’s Leading Intelligent Nation.”

For further information please contact:

Barry Gander
Co-Founder, i-CANADA