CATAAlliance National Leadership Council member to be recognized for advocacy leadership at Innovation Awards Gala: Cloud First for Canada Campaign
April 10, 2014

"Cloud computing offers the federal government a way to maximize the efficiency of our IT investments. We're looking for input from industry experts on how we can use cloud computing to achieve those savings."-Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board, Cloud Factory Conference, April 7th, Banff, Alberta

Ottawa, April 12, 2014...CATAAlliance, will recognize John Cousens, member of its National Leadership Council and Regional VP Public Sector,  for his advocacy leadership at the Alliance 29th Annual  Innovation Awards Gala (May 21st in Ottawa). Mr. Cousens initiated  a G-Cloud First for Canada Campaign that subsequently led to the Treasury Board of Canada (SSC) adopting  a Cloud First for Canada policy.

Corinne Charette, Chief Information Office, Government of Canada, announced a 'cloud first' policy for Canada in her keynote address to GTEC (video) (transcript) in October of last year. Further details were provided by the Hon Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board in his keynote address at The Cloud Factory Conference in Banff on April 7th where the Minister outlined how a made-in-Canada approach to cloud computing will provide the tools and platforms needed to ensure Canada's public service remains modern and high-performing.

The Cloud First for Canada Campaign was entitled, “Call for the adoption of 21st Century models in the delivery of services to citizens: U.K. G-Cloud First, a best practice for addressing Canada’s lagging science and technology innovation performance: What can Canada learn from the U.K.’s G-Cloud First policy? ”

Full details are presented at these URLs:  

The multifaceted Campaign was supported by the CATA National Leadership Council, and included the mobilization of a  Shared Services Canada (SSC) social network of some 1900 executives representing large and small enterprises and public sector organizations from across Canada and abroad.  

CATA CEO John Reid said, “CATAAlliance is an active participant in the formation and delivery of government framework tax policies, regulations and activities that are critical to the success of Canada's innovation industries. One of our primary roles is to respond to corporate guidance and calls to action. We then leverage the industry voice and resources to be both clear and accurate for maximum effect, in this case, leading to the adoption of cloud first in Canada.”

John Cousens noted, "These people (CATA) are devoid of bureaucracy, provide a wealth of communications and advocacy services, have a global orientation and, most importantly for its membership, CATA stands up tall in its dealing with government. With CATA at work promoting the business infrastructure necessary for success, Canadian companies can focus on developing world acclaimed technology products and services."

Reid concluded, " Going forward our key role will be to ensure that the Minister’s policy direction is followed by the Canadian government adopting Cloud Computing technologies to achieve much needed savings and efficiency ."

++ Action Item: we encourage members to contact CATAAlliance CEO John Reid at  with any other issues and concerns they wish incorporated into our advocacy campaigns.