Costa Rica: A Strategic IT Hot Spot: Teleforum Sign Up
April 10, 2012

CATAAlliance Teleforum in cooperation with the The Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica (PROCOMER) & the Costa Rican telecoms and IT Chamber (CAMTIC)

April 18th, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time

Costa Rica is a world player in the ICT sector, offering a wide range of products and services, high qualified personnel, businesses with vast experience, and an excellent business climate and political stability. One of the main advantages that set us apart in the worldwide playing field is our people’s ability to add value to the development of international projects.

Join us for this 1-hour Teleforum and gain valuable insights presented by leading executives and industry experts on how to do business with Costa Rican ICT companies. In this teleforum, you will learn about our country value proposition, and the Costa Rica ICT habitat.

Who should attend?
  • Companies looking for a near-shore provider that can provide innovative outsourcing of IT services and products such as web applications and services, BPO, ITO, KPO, development of multimedia projects and digital animation, mobile applications, telecommunication mobile services, datacenters, business intelligence, design and development of vertical market applications (financial services, trade, health, tourism, government, etc.), call centers, contact centers, Cloud Computing, QA, testing, software development, e-learning, and many others.
  • ICT companies looking to expand their businesses in Central America through partnerships with Costa Rican IT companies.
  • Any technology executive looking for fast-growth markets.
Who will be in the call?

Hosts and Organizers:
  • CATAAlliance: Daniel Ramos – Director for Latin America
  • CAMTIC: Marcelo Bonilla – Project Manager
  • PROCOMER: Itzam Huelat - Consular Agent in Commercial Affairs.
  • DFAIT Costa Rica: Alexander Leon – Trade Commissioner.
Itzam Huelat, Consular Agent in Commercial Affairs- Consulate of Costa Rica in Canada. (10 min)
Masters degree in Business Administration in International Trade (MBA-IT). Mr. Huelat has more than 17 years of experience in international trade, marketing, sales, market research, logistics and other commercial areas. In his career he has assumed responsibilities in international markets as El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Canada; besides his years of experience in Costa Rica. Mr. Huelat works for PROCOMER since 2001 when he assumed the PROCOMER’s Dominican Republic Trade Office. After two years of working for the Caribbean market, he starts working with PROCOMER’s Trade Office in Canada. His background and knowledge of the Canadian market is in favor of the Costa Rican export sector.

Alexander Mora, Chairman of the Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies of Costa Rica. (20 min)
Entrepreneur, Founder and Co-founder of several companies. Co-Founder, President & CEO of Grupo TecApro Soluciones Informáticas S.A , Infonet Telecomunicaciones de Centroamérica S.A ( the indirect sales and services channel for Central America, Panama and the Caribbean. Mr Mora is also commercial agent for British Telecommunications Group plc (BTplc) under the program of BT Alliance and Infonet Services Corporation Inc. Mr. Mora is also president of the Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies (CAMTIC) SINCE 2003. Executive Vice President of the Federal Association that involves national industry ICT associations of Latin America, The Caribbean and Spain, since 2002. Vice President of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Multimedia and Internet (IFMA) since 2003. Coordinator for Central America and the Caribbean Global Trade Committee of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), since 2010.

Success story with InterGraphic Designs. (5 min)
InterGraphicDESIGNS provides graphic design, programming, web hosting and e-marketing services for your business needs. We are very proud of our name and what we have achieved over the last 9 years. Our customer’s needs are our concern and we work really hard to achieve their goals. Our staff includes an experienced team of graphic designers and expert personnel in the area of programming and data processing. It combines strategy, creativity and technical excellence to produce successful work to satisfy our customer needs”

Success story with Claudio Pinto Murray, General Manager and Producer in Fair Play Labs. (5 min)
Claudio has over 25 years of experience in the software development industry, ranging from development, design, architecture to management. In 1985 he entered the enterprise applications space as co-founder of Exactus Software (, an ERP software and services company with over 500 customers in 12 countries in the Latin American region. After some research and proof of concept projects, and having realized that there are a lot of young and talented engineers and artists with interests in this field in Costa Rica, he founded Fair Play Labs in 2004, and left his position as CTO of Exactus Software in 2006 to dedicate to this new company. He holds a BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Questions and Comments (15 min). Additional questions after the Teleforum please contact: Daniel Ramos,

Action Item: How do I sign up?
Register by email request to Please place "Costa Rica Teleforum" in the subject line

Service fee: please note that the call-in registration fee is $40 plus HST for non-members and no charge for members. Fees are reinvested in our Innovation Nation research programs.