Cyber Security Challenges and Priorities - TechNOW interview with Danny Timmins, CEO at NCI
April 8, 2015

Watch CATAAlliance's Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes in his interview with Danny Timmins, President & CEO of NCI, in a discussion of the primary cyber security threats facing both private and public sector organizations as well as the priorities he feels will need to be addressed as a member of CATA's cyber security council.

Watch the interview here:

In this video you will hear how organizations which lose consumer information, sensitive data, or intellectual property through a security lapse become exposed to brand compromise and loss of consumer confidence and ultimately impact on the economy. Danny explains that organizations need to focus on the largest areas of risk reduction and understand where they are putting resources and dollars. He further elaborates on the firm's long-standing relationships with public safety community and shares his views on the specific needs of policing and other public safety agencies in combating cyber crime.

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