CATAAlliance now provides online video for connecting members to experts for one-on-one advice, expert counsel & mentorship: A new Yellow Pages for the 21st Century to accelerate individual & organizational success
June 28, 2014

Ottawa,  (updated): View John Kelly, Senior Industry Leader talk about Leadership & Mentorship

CATAAlliance is now providing a "One-on-One" video service as part of expanding its adoption of digital technologies to provide more value to members, and in particular to support their business growth through offering expert advice, mentorship and expert counsel.

CATA CEO, John Reid said, "We want to use the convenience and efficiency of the web to enable everyone, no matter where they are or what time it is, to easily connect with vetted experts who can help solve problems or identify marketplace opportunities. It's a kind of Yellow Pages for the 21st Century, but making use of video calling instead of the telephone."

How it works

We have identified a number of key topics, such as Public Venture Capital, Crowdfunding, SR&ED Tax Credits, Conflict Resolution, Legislative Compliance, Social Media, Public Safety & Security etc., and confirmed and vetted experts from the membership in each key area.

A member will first review the list of topics, and then confirm their area of interest with CATA CEO John Reid at; we will then help connect them to an expert, using a one-on-one Google+ Hangout session. If the topic is not on our current list, we will reach out to identify new experts as part of increasing the library of online resources available to the membership.

CATA webmaster, Alice Debroy, will be available to assist with facilitating the online connection, benefiting from CATA’s best practice advice from having completed more than fifty Google + videos for its advocacy activities.

During a one-on-one session, a member can share his or her screen and give feedback to the expert. The service will also work with Android smartphones, in case a particular session, like something on a technology setup, requires the expert to see closeup shots. Reid concluded, "CATA already has how-to videos on YouTube. But often a canned video is not enough, you need to interact with someone to better explore and brainstorm on how to resolve problems in an efficient way or take advantage of a marketplace opportunity."