Patent Box Advocacy for Canada’s competitive Innovation Nation: Engage to advance to all Canadian provinces
April 7, 2016

Patent boc.jpgSupport CATA’s Patent Box Advocacy

Dear community members

As you will note below, the Government of Quebec responded positively to CATA’s ongoing Patent Box Advocacy Campaign:

Industry Group Applauds Quebec Government’s Positive Pivot to Advancing our competitive Innovation Nation: Innovative companies deduction (ICD) ‘Patent Box’ will drive commercialization success

Please assist in advancing this Campaign to other provinces by reaching to your key contacts with a call to action for adoption of an Innovative Companies Deduction (ICD) or Patent Box.

If you have other issues, concerns or strategies that affect Canada’s innovation rankings then reach out to the CATA team and we will mobilize a Campaign to help move Canada to a number one ranking.

On behalf of CATA's Innovation Leadership Council

John Reid, CATA CEO