Advancing Canada's Global Advantage Through International Talent
April 07, 2006

Please respond to this survey if you are the person who makes the hiring decisions in your organization, or forward to the appropriate person.
Closing date is May 3, 2006!
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Working through the Software Human Resource Council (SHRC), the Internationally Educated Professionals (IEP) Initiative will address supply and demand human resource issues facing the Canadian IT market by creating and implementing a system built to recognize the credentials and experience of internationally educated IT professionals.

CATAAlliance is partnering with SHRC in the execution of the research phase of this initiative and industry's expected input into this process will be critical towards achieving a successful outcome.

"The IEP initiative's aim is to build a framework enabling Canada to become a worldwide leader in the attraction, retention, and integration of internationally educated professionals into the IT sector," says Norman McDevitt, SHRC Vice President. "This initiative is designed to maintain and exceed Canada's current level of competition in the global Advanced Technology market."

"The survey probes on the issues of how many IEP employees have been hired and into what positions, how effectively they have integrated into the organization, and some of the challenges facing firms post-hiring," says CATAAlliance VP, Research, Kevin Wennekes. "The results will be used to help SHRC create a responsive framework of action that will help further Canada's global competitive advantage through adequate access to sufficiently skilled resources."

The survey will take between 3 to 5 minutes to complete and is available until May 3. All respondents will receive a complimentary copy of the report results. For more information on the IEP initiative, visit .Should you have additional questions or comments with regard to the survey or the initiative, please contact Sandra Saric at or 613-237-8551.

About the Software Human Resource Council
SHRC is a national sector council that works for IT (informatics) professionals in Canada. Together with partners from industry, government and education, SHRC addresses human resource issues related to IT employment. SHRC engages in labour market intelligence, skills definition, career awareness and skills development. More information about SHRC can be found on the SHRC Website at

About CATAAlliance: The business of technology
Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) is Canada's leading, most influential and entrepreneurial technology alliance. It is committed to growing the global competitiveness of its members, 80% of which are currently active exporters. The common purpose that unites the membership is CATAAlliance's commitment to members' business growth. With offices across the country, we are focused on the provision of business services and government relations programs that conserve and leverage member resources. Because members are action-oriented businesses, CATAAlliance responds with action when members need specific services or activities. The "Traditional Champion" of Canadian research and development, CATAAlliance's mission is to stimulate "Global Business Growth" through the forces of Canadian innovation and strategic partnership. More information about CATA can be found on the CATA Web site:

The IEP initiative is funded by the Government of Canada's Foreign Credential Recognition Program.