Security Expert Insights into Managing Digital Evidence and Addressing Corruption - Video Podcasts Now Available
April 4, 2016

Watch as CATAAlliance's Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes, interviews noted public safety experts reflecting on the challenges of managing digital evidence and analyzing corruption through five different lenses.

Managing Digital Evidence

In this interview, Vishal Dhir, Country Manager-Canada for Axon Public Safety Canada Inc., discusses the significant impact digital evidence management has on today's Canadian law enforcement agencies.

This 12-minute briefing provides viewers with insights into some of the key factors impacting on digital evidence management in policing and describe how recent strides in innovative technology has had significant, positive impacts on law enforcement agencies' abilities to effectively analyze, retain and share big data and intelligence.

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Five Perspectives on Corruption

Watch as Norman Taylor, President, Global Network for Community Safety, discusses how five different perspectives on corruption will be explored during the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Private Sector Liaison Educational Forum Forum's Bear Pit Session, titled Toward a Mobilization Model for Anti-Corruption in Canada.

There is a growing sense that Canada's public sector system is in an increasingly precarious state with regard to the risks and potential consequences arising from various forms of corruption. From a public safety perspective, the risks range from compromised investments and improper or unsafe practices in vital infrastructure and other operations serving the public good, to serious and complex fraud, to widespread advancement of organized crime and threats to national security, much of which is increasingly global and borderless in nature.

The Bear Pit session will examine this situation from five different lenses and in this interview Mr. Taylor describes the five perspectives that will drive the panel's interaction; leading to new insights and solutions in the context of the entire event.

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