Boost Development of the "Mobile Cloud"
March 31, 2010

March 30, 2010

Boost Development of the "Mobile Cloud" -- CATA

CATA is requesting its members to support its entry in a PWC contest, to focus attention on the creation of a Program to develop the "Mobile Cloud" sector.

PwC has issued a call to action to engage Canadians passionate about "digital transformation" in defining Canada's role in the digital economy. The online community, dubbed "Canada's Digital Compass" is capturing seed ideas and identifying measures of success in different areas, ranging from Media Production to Education to Technology over the next six weeks.

Each week the community, along with an expert panel, vote on the most promising ideas and directions from the weekly theme and in early May, there will be a "final showdown" of previous winners to determine Canada's Top 3 Ideas on how to lead the world in the new digital economy.

Login at and take part in the online community in any of the following ways:
  • Vote on submitted ideas based on how you think they embody the three principles of economic impact, align with Canada's values and fits with Canada's capabilities
  • Participate in the dialogue by commenting on the different ideas
  • Submit your own idea
In particular, CATA would like its members to support its initiative on the Program to Develop the Mobile Cloud ICT Sector: "Combining the facts that five out of every six people in the world owning a mobile device, with the surge in adoption of the Cloud as the repository of knowledge, means that one of the greatest opportunities in technology history is opening in front of us," said CATA EVP Barry Gander. "We urge you to sign up for the PWC initiative and vote for the Mobile Cloud Program."

CATA has a Group on LinkedIn devoted to the Mobile Cloud: check out The Mobile Cloud Alliance.