Important Guidance Sought on SSC Implementation of Cloud First
March 27, 2014

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Dear Members

We are requesting your feedback and guidance on the adoption to date of 'cloud first' for Canada.

As we have reported, Corinne Charette, Chief Information Officer, Government of Canada, announced a 'cloud first' policy for Canada in her keynote address to GTEC (video) (transcript) in October of last year. Further details will be provided by the Hon. Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board on April 7th at a Cloud Council Conference. We will post Mr Clements remarks. 

Based on your experiences to date, to what degree has Shared Services Canada (SSC) responded to the cloud first policy direction? Can you provide insights into recent procurements, such a determining factors and considerations? How would you grade cloud first progress so far; A,B,C or D.

Please provide your feedback on the Group’s discussion board or directly to the undersigned.

Thank you,

John Cousens, CATAAlliance, SSC Lead
John Reid, CATAAlliance CEO 

Ps Watch for your alert regarding a planned National Teleforum Conference call with expert commentaries on SSC issues, concerns and considerations. Watch our first TechNOW video interview that provides expert insight into SSC issues and opportunities.