Telecommunications Policy Review Panel
March 27, 2006


The Telecommunications Policy Review Panel, an independent panel of experts appointed last year by Industry Canada, released last week its report which contains 127 recommendations relating to regulations, growth and development of Canada's telecommunications industry.

CATA/CAIP made a submission to the Review Panel in August and is pleased to seethat the Report addresses several areas that our submission raised. For example, consistent with our submission and the online research CATA conducted in the fall, the Report concludes:

  • Market forces should drive telecommunications development in Canada, while essential protections for end-users and the maintenance of competitive markets are retained

  • Because ICT is critical to the economic and social welfare of Canada and an important contributing factor to productivity growth, an ICT adoption strategy should be developed and implemented

  • That the commitment to ubiquitous broadband access is based on the recognition of the valuable role that broadband access plays in fostering economic development and social benefits in communities, regardless of their location

  • That it is necessary to streamline the CRTC and expedite its decision making process

CATA believes this is a very comprehensive review of the telecommunications sector in Canada and will work closely with the Government to promote changes that CATA and CAIP members believe will promote Canadian competitiveness.

John Reid