Mobile Health Asset Map & Resource Directory: Reminder: Add Your Profile & Work with Us to Advance Mobile Health Innovation
August 28, 2014

Ottawa -

CATAAlliance provides an on-line survey to gather information organizations developing mobile health solutions for Canadian consumers and the country’s healthcare system. Mobile Health can be broadly defined as the practice of medicine, inclusive of health, wellness and care, supported by mobile devices.

“CATA’s Mobile Health Asset Map is ground breaking and we are very excited about how this tool will aid innovation the healthcare sector and provide valuable insights to policy makers and healthcare administrators”, said John Reid, President & CEO of CATAAlliance.

The goal is twofold. First to build an asset map by identifying Canadian organizations that are either directly developing mobile health solutions or are supporting the development of mobile health solutions. These resources will be identified through the use of an on-line eProfile solution which CATA developed. Second, in addition to the asset map, CATA will create a searchable database of Canadian R&D and innovation in the mobile healthcare space. This will improve the capacity for healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers and entrepreneurs to further advance mobile innovation for the delivery of health and wellness services.

Businesses, Hospitals, Universities and Colleges, local health administrators, Research Institutes, NGOs, Private Practices and individuals directly developing mobile health solutions are invited to complete the on-line supply-side survey. Organizations supporting the development of mobile health solutions are also invited to complete the survey. Examples of supporting organizations could include healthcare institutions assisting with the testing of mobile solutions, groups providing financial sponsorship of development or employers providing innovation support to their employees.

Filling out this eProfile is your first step towards including your organization in a national database of Canadian capability in Mobile Health Technology. Act today. You may add your profile here:

For more information about CATA’s Mobile Health Asset Map, please contact David Farnes, Mobile Health Lead, at