Celestica Technology Commercialization Award Recognizes Excellence in Product Achievement through Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Electronics in Canada - Submit your nominations!
February 22, 2015

The Celestica Award for Technology Commercialization - Submit your nominations today!

The  Award will be presented to a Canadian organization for an outstanding technology engineering development which has resulted in the production of a world-class product incorporating advanced manufacturing and innovative electronics in the product or family of products. The product will have proven itself in operation and its design and market success will have enhanced Canada's international reputation for innovation and excellence.

View last year's winners, including Celestica Award winner, INO. 

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The Innovation Awards will be presented on May 21st, in Ottawa, at the CATAAlliance Annual Innovation Awards Gala Dinner, a 30 year tradition of recognizing outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership in expanding the frontiers of Canada's advanced technology industries.