CATAAlliance Calls for Your Participation in the Globe & Mail Intelligent Communities Supplement
March 24, 2014

CATA is working with the Globe and Mail (Canada’s #1 national media company), to offer companies an exclusive opportunity to be associated with a special national feature promoting Intelligent Communities.

The rise of the Smart/Intelligent Community is arguably the greatest economic transformation in history, and certainly the single most important economic and social activity being undertaken in the world today, according to CATA EVP Barry Gander.  

“The market for Intelligent Community products and services is forecast to reach $1 trillion by 2016 and continue growing exponentially thereafter,” said Gander.  He attributed this boom to the fact that more than half of the world’s population now lives in urban centres  -  a number that will rise to 75% by 2050.  Cities are the dynamos of economic, political and social innovation and Canada is a world leader in the smart and intelligent transformation of its cities and towns.

Appearing in the Globe and Mail newspaper in late September, 2014, and again online at, will be a special national feature showcasing the developments underway in Canadian communities.  Many of these communities have become global showcases for transformation and the supplement will highlight the steps our Smart Cities and Intelligent Communities have taken to ensure they prosper in the climate of the broadband economy.

Featured will be solutions that communities have found to challenges ranging from transportation to environmental sustainability; from economic constraint to open growth based on education and innovation.

CATA is looking for a handful of brand leaders who aspire to connect with consumers, communities and key influencers. The editorial within this Special Section will tell your compelling brand story in an authentic manner and showcase the notable things you’re doing. The Globe and Mail’s experienced Special Features Editorial staff will work closely with you to ensure you share appropriate stories that will inspire others.  

To help you reap the benefits of this brand exposure, we have negotiated a special ad package that includes a print ad in the newspaper, a digital presence at and the ability to extend the reach of the package by using social media and video executions. The special section will also be available at a coming CATA/i-CANADA Summit.

The Globe and Mail (and audience are educated decision makers and business owners. This opportunity represents an ideal environment to bring greater awareness to an influential Canadian marketplace about the notable work your organization is doing.  

++ Action Item: For further details please contact, Richard Deacon, the Globe and Mail’s national business development manager who can be reached at 604.631.6636