Crowd Funding Success for Canada: CATAAlliance National Leadership Council members acknowledged for encouraging regulators to adopt new funding model
March 24, 2014

Ottawa, March 24, 2014...CATAAlliance, recognized Peter Andrews, member of its National Leadership Council and Regional Director, Corum Goup Ltd., for his leadership in initiating  a Crowdfunding for Canada Campaign in January, 2012 that has led to most of the country’s securities regulators unveiling proposed rules  for selling equity over the Internet.

The seminal Campaign was called “ POWERFUL NEW “CROWD FUNDING” MODEL FOR START-UPS -- Will Canada Keep Up with the U.S.? Will Next Generation Start-ups Get Their Financial Wings?" Full details, including a video interview with Mr. Andrews are found at this URL:

The Crowd Funding Campaign was supported by National Leadership Council members, Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder Helix Commerce International and CATA VP, Barry Gander who set up a network of provincial crowd funding advisory groups and Tom Houston and Andria Johnson from the law firm of Dentons, who provided necessary research support and legislative guidance.

CATA CEO John Reid said, “CATAAlliance is an active participant in the formation and delivery of government framework tax policies, regulations and activities that are critical to the success of Canada's innovation industries. One of our primary roles is to respond to corporate guidance and calls to action. We then leverage the industry voice and resources to be both clear and accurate for maximum effect, in this case, leading to the adoption of crowdfunding in Canada.”

Peter Andrews noted, "These people (CATA) are devoid of bureaucracy, provide a wealth of communications and advocacy services, have a global orientation and, most importantly for its membership, CATA stands up tall in its dealing with government. With CATA at work promoting the business infrastructure necessary for success, Canadian companies can focus on developing world acclaimed technology products and services."

++ Action Item: we encourage members to contact CATAAlliance CEO John Reid at  with any other issues and concerns they wish incorporated into our advocacy campaigns.