CBC Interview: What are the jobs of the future? CATA Sr. VP, Russ Roberts Raises ‘Innovation Nation’ issues with Karin Kassen, host of CBC Type A
March 19, 2012

Dr. Russ Roberts, Sr. VP with CATAAlliance, and executive lead for our SR&ED and Tax & Finance advocacy, was recently interviewed by Karin Klassen, host of the program, Type A. Episode Eight, focused on an important Innovation Nation topic, “What are the jobs of the future?”

The interview looked at life in the post-resource economy. Canada is blessed with natural resources that will likely drive the economy for the next few decades. But what about after? Some argue we need to start making the shift to a new economy driven by ideas ASAP! And more importantly, how to get those ideas to market to create wealth and the jobs of the future?

Listen to the full show, including Dr. Robert's interview with Karin Klassen by going to the link below, and then start the voice clip for the Episode. Skip the first 34 minutes if you like, the interview with Russ starts at 34:50 and ends at about 40 minutes.


Dr. Roberts also moderates an on-line SR&ED Group (750 members) whose executives benefit from educational resources, guidance and peer networking. To join and benefit, please go to this URL: