CATAAlliance and the Software Human Resources Council Create HR Leadership Award
March 17, 2006

From left to right it is Norman McDevitt - Vice President, SHRC, Kevin Wennekes - VP, Research and Paul Swinwood - President, SHRC.

SHRC award

OTTAWA, March 17, 2006 - CATAAlliance, Canada's largest high tech association, and the Software Human Resources Council (SHRC), a national sector council with a mandate to make Canada a global leader in the development and management of its informatics workforce, have created a new Canadian human resources leadership award.

To be presented for the first time at the 2006 CATAAlliance Innovation Awards celebration, The SHRC Information Technology Strategic HR Leadership Award will be given to the information technology (IT) company or organization that enhanced their performance and reputation by significantly leveraging their organization's human capital.

"This award recognizes excellence in workforce development and human resource practices and their impact on competitive advantage," explains SHRC President Paul Swinwood. "Successful organizations need proactive, new approaches to recruitment, development and retention of employees. This award will recognize organizations that are best at achieving this."

"CATAAlliance is very pleased to add this award to our Innovation Award gala," says CATAAlliance's VP Research, Kevin Wennekes, "SHRC is uniquely positioned in the Canadian information technology sector and is coordinating true, innovative work related to human resource issues. This award highlights the crucial role that human resource management plays in the future development of the Canadian IT sector and we are very pleased to join with them in creating an award that underlines that fact."

Nominations for the SHRC Information Technology Strategic HR Leadership Award 2006 are now open. Deadline for submission is April 12, 2006.

The Awards evening is meant to be a celebration of the award winners and of Canadian innovation. CATAAlliance and its partners will recognize industry innovation, expertise, and leadership in the Canadian high-technology sector.

Technology leaders across Canada are now recommending candidates for the 2006 Winners on the CATA Innovation Awards web site at:

Nominees and winners gain significant profile opportunities with the media, customers, suppliers and potential partners.

About the Software Human Resources Council (SHRC)
Established in 1992 to address the human resource needs of the Canadian software sector, SHRC is a model for similar initiatives in other parts of the world. SHRC is a non-profit sectoral council that seeks to make Canada a leader in the development and management of its informatics workforce. The Council is focused on seven key objectives:

  • Clarifying job definitions for software workers.
  • Maximizing the supply and quality of new entrants.
  • Tracking trends in software human resources.
  • Integrating the education and training continuum.
  • Promoting national standards and certification.
  • Encouraging young Canadians to consider the exciting world of software careers as a future option.
  • Promoting lifelong learning as being key to lifelong success.

Information about the contribution SHRC is making to the Canadian information technology sector is available at

About CATAAlliance: The business of technology
The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAlliance)is the biggest business development association for producers and users of advanced technology. The only organization representing all sectors of the economy, CATA's umbrella of special-interest, municipal, provincial and allied organizations directly reaches 20,000 technology executives and an additional 22,000 technology users. Dedicated to making Canadian organizations world-class makers and adopters of technology, CATA creates strategic partnerships, strengthens communities and networks, and promotes supportive public policy. For more than a quarter of a century CATA has been stimulating growth, driving commercialization and growing the advanced technology export industry for the Canadian economy. More information about CATA can be found on the CATA Web site: