Shared Services Canada (SSC): Register Today for Critical Update & Q&A with Benoit Long, Sr. DM, responsible for SSC Transformation, Service Strategy and Design
March 12, 2013

CATAAlliance Teleforum Conference Call series on Shared Services Canada (SSC)

Register Today for Updates & Q&A (Wednesday, April 3rd at 10:45 am EST) 

 Shared Services Canada (SSC) Forum was created for executives to access briefing materials, share information and provide guidance on matters relating to the mission, mandate and operations of Shared Services Canada (SSC). 

The SSC Forum is a subgroup of
 CATAAlliance, and now comprises some 1300 members from across Canada, representing both small and large enterprises, as well as thought leaders from the public and private sectors. It is a rich peer group resource in its own right. 

As part of utilizing this resource, we schedule regular Teleforum Conference calls to facilitate the sharing of members’ collective insights and research in areas of government restructuring and procurement.

Please join a group of your colleagues on
 Wednesday, April 3rd at 10:45 am EST for our fifth in a series of Teleforum Conference Calls. Moderated by CATA SSC Liaison, John Cousens of, the Call will feature Benoît Long, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Shared Services Canada (SSC) who is responsible for SSC Transformation, Service Strategy and Design.

Mr. Long will be joined by Forum experts who through an interview format will engage us in information sharing and updates on the activities of Shared Services Canada and related Ministries. 

We will review and discuss three areas of interest:

• SSC Services Transformation Model & Methodology;

• DDC & Telecom Transformational Strategies, leading to a Conceptual End State; and

• Schedule for DDC & Telecom Transformations

We will also update participants and seek your guidance on our work with SSC’s Advisory Committees and related briefings with Parliamentarians and key officials where key issues and concerns have been discussed.

The Teleforum Conference Call (of particular interest to the ITC sector) is a uniquely interactive meeting of invitation-only executives who will also be invited to related venues to extend the information sharing, access to briefing material and encourage peer exchanges.

++ Action Items How do I sign up? 

Register online at: 

Reminder: Complete your eProfile to help address the SSC transformational agenda.

Note that spots on this call are limited. 

Your local call in number and access code will be sent to you via email.
 Callers will receive a recording of the TeleForum and all background materials.

Note that the Call-in Registration fee is $85 for Non Members; CATA members (no charge) have preference as we limit caller numbers to encourage active discussion. Fees are reinvested in our Competitive Innovation Nation research programs.