Selling into the Financial Services Sector in a Global Economy
March 12, 2008


Join a group of your colleagues in an expertly moderated and well-researched kitchen-table conversation that will create partnerships and best practices that focus on connecting your own opportunities and strengths with partners around the table.This meeting will help provide a framework to Access Group's proven way of engaging executives: our peer-to-peer kitchen table conversations with executives to discuss key trends, risks and challenges facing them.The Executive Roundtable is a uniquely interactive meeting of invitation-only CEOs, VPs of Sales, VPs of Marketing.Working with you, Access Group develops an issue of strategic value, and positions you as the thought leader whose concern invites executives to "jump the heartburn gap" and solve their problems.Here are the "Break Into Customers" strategy sessions for marketing, business development and sales executives:

Selling into the Financial Services Sector in a Global Economy. How can we enable Canadian financial institutions revitalize operations and speed up delivery to multi-channel customers?

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

9:00am – 10:30am

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