Mobile Cloud: New CATA online community
March 11, 2010

CATA Looks for News on the "Mobile Cloud"

CATA Looks for News on the "Mobile Cloud"

CATA is creating an online community to share information about the “Mobile Cloud”. The Cloud is the next stage in the evolution of the Internet; it makes information available to a mass market. By using remote server capabilities to deliver information, the Cloud is “the PC that never breaks”.

The Cloud is an always-on repository and delivery agency for a limitless amount of digital information. The Mobile Cloud Cluster is the central coordinating agency for innovations and alliances that promote the more rapid adoption of Cloud Computing for mobile devices and applications, by organizations and the general public.

Ultimately, the Mobile Cloud Alliance aims to make a meaningful contribution to the enhancement of prosperity and the equality of peoples, by lighting up globe with universal access to all knowledge.

To view the draft community, go to LinkedIn Groups, "Mobile Cloud Alliance". If your organization has news to share about the Mobile Cloud, please send it to