Seeking to make “Canada more resilient and brilliant” in battling cybercrime – Peter Sloly discusses national priorities
March 9, 2016

Watch this 10-minute video podcast between CATAAlliance’s Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes, and Peter Sloly, Deputy Chief (Ret’d), Toronto Police Service, as they discuss Mr. Sloly’s recent joining of CATAAlliance for the purposes of heading up a cybercrime advisory council and the priorities he will be seeking to address in the near- and mid-term.

With respect to the issues of cybercrime in Canada, Mr. Sloly describes it as a “vexing issue, a wicked issue, it’s a boiling the ocean issue, but people want to see results right now” and acknowledges quick wins on these big issues won’t be easy. He does however anticipate CATAAlliance’s cybercrime council will help create a sense of momentum and hope, while proving to be a catalyst for securing the right partnerships towards generating short-term gains and long-term planning required to position Canada as a global leader in addressing the challenges and opportunities related to combatting cybercrime.

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