CATA President Supports Ottawa Food Bank: Heroes Fighting Hunger campaign
March 9, 2009

Food Bank
CATA<i>Alliance</i> Food Bank

March 9, 2009

Attn: High Tech Community Executives
From: John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance
Re: Special Appeal to Support the Ottawa Food Bank

++ Action Required: Circulate to employees and consider a Corporate Donation to the Food Bank

Dear CATA friends,

On behalf of CATAAliance, I have recently joined the Ottawa Food Bank's Heroes Fighting Hunger campaign. Its part of engaging Ottawa's High Tech community in supporting important causes. This campaign celebrates the Ottawa Food Bank's 25 years of alleviating hunger in the National Capital Region.

Did you know that every month the Ottawa Food Bank feeds over 43,000 people, and that 40% of those are children?

I know that this campaign will build a better community that will restore that dignity, that energy and that potential to so many currently in need. However, we can't do it alone.

Please join in the fight against community hunger by donating $25 to the Heroes Fighting Hunger campaign and by asking 25 of your own friends and colleagues to do the same.

For every $25 donation, the Ottawa Food Bank can generate $125 worth of food into our very own neighbourhoods.

++ Action Requested
Please visit my personal web page and go to the top left hand side Donate Button (in red) to make a donation as part of the high tech industry's community support for the Campaign.


John Reid

President Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance
207 Bank Street, Suite 416
Ottawa, ON
K2P 2N2