TechNOW with Brian Hurley, Pres. & CEO, Purpleforge: Mobility Health Care: What are your views?
March 7, 2014

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TechNOW with Brian Hurley, Pres. & CEO, Purpleforge 

CATA CEO, John Reid, interviews the President & CEO of Purpleforge, Brian Hurley on how mobility heath care applications can improve Canada's health care system and patient care.

In Canada over 80% of people own smartphones. Mobile health care applications deliver accessibility and reach - anywhere/anytime access to information. 

Mobile applications also uniquely can provide information in context based on preferences and location.   

Healthcare costs are an ongoing point of concern for taxpayers and government.

Mobile apps can deliver cost savings - care choices, chronic condition management,  hospital re-admissions reductions.

Mobile apps can increase healthcare teams productivity and efficiency - paper reduction, reduction in effort to order tests and view results, workflow streamlining.   

Increasing productivity allows our healthcare system to do more with less and to do it faster to help improve patient care and reduce wait-times.

Mr Hurley then addresses the challenges health care organizations face introducing mobile apps.

He speaks to budget - there is always pressure on healthcare budgets, and the healthcare organizational focus is more often than not, on maintaining existing service levels rather than spending on future opportunities; operational infrastructure - wide variety of IT systems in hospitals which limits the ability to have 100% re-use and off the shelf solutions; and, resources - the people with the healthcare domain expertise needed to champion and execute the strategy are already heavily loaded with their health care responsibilities.
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