Important Alert: All Subscribers to CATA's direct email database: Anti-Spam Legislation, Required Changes to ensure Communications
March 7, 2014


Attn: All Subscribers to CATA's direct email database
Re: Anti-Spam Legislation, Required Changes

Dear colleague

Canada's anti-spam legislation ("CASL") enters into force on July 1, 2014 and, in response, we are moving the posting of tech bulletins, advocacy alerts, invitations, job openings and other communications to our social media Group(s) on Linkedin.

++ Action Requested:

In order to continue to receive CATAAlliance communications you will need to review the following list of opt in social media groups and then subscribe to the appropriate one(s):

As an added benefit, subscribers are able to post content and add commentaries, in addition to networking with our 9200 social media members.

Thank you for your assistance in responding to this new regulatory requirement.

We take our obligations under forthcoming anti-spam legislation and existing privacy legislation very seriously. Please contact our offices should you have questions regarding Privacy Compliance at .