Quo Vadis of Canadian Stock Options: Advocacy Risk Alert Moved to HIGH: Take Action Now!
March 5, 2016

alert2.jpgStock Option Risk Advocacy Alert

Dear Community members

Our prior low risk assessment of possible federal budget changes to the current Canadian Stock Option regime has now been moved to HIGH risk given recent mixed messages from Ministers. It is important that you act now to encourage your local MP to support the no change position.

Higher than forecast deficits, escalating costs to deliver on election platform promises and an overall  weak economic scenario for Canada due in part to significant resource revenue shortfalls, are among the factors that may be driving a change of position.

Please make use of this material in communicating the no change position:

Major Industry Group calls for Stock Option Course Correction: Proposed Changes Wrong Path to Attract & Keep Best Talent in Canada:


Interviews with Executives on Employee Stock Option (ESOP) Video Sharing Channel:


The main message is that to create and grow Canada’s innovation nation, we must be able to attract and retain technology talent at all levels, made even even more difficult given the weak Canadian dollar.

The current Stock Option regime helps offset the Canada/U.S. wage gap and it should not be weakened to offset deficits..

On behalf of the CATA Innovation Leadership Council