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March 5, 2012


Canada faces commercialization gap, not innovation gap: CATA Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance's white paper urges fed to overhaul SR&ED and streamline commercialization

By Chris Plecash, the Hill Times Online
Published: Monday, 02/27/2012
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A leading national industry association representing Canada's technology sectors is urging the federal government to rethink the country's so-called "innovation gap" ahead of the 2012 budget.

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance's recent white paper, Canada as a Competitive Innovation Nation: What Needs To Be Done, formed the basis of the organization's 2012 pre-budget submission to Industry, Finance and PCO officials in December.

'I think where we're at, an annual budget can not only shape some of the key changes that can immediately be achieved, but it can also provide the ongoing framework for that change to evolve through other budgets and programs as consensus and leadership develop," said Russ Roberts, CATA vice president for tax and finance.

While Canada's innovation record continues to be disparaged in policy circles, the CATA paper identifies a commercialization gap as the real drag on the Canadian economy. The problem is not the quality of research and development in Canada- the country is a world leader in the public funding of R&D at post-secondary institutions, and innovation clusters such as Vancouver, Toronto, Waterloo, and Montreal are hotbeds for small and medium enterprises. The problem is that little of the innovation actually gets commercialized in Canada.

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Dr. Darin Graham, President and CEO of ORION, has been named to the i-CANADA Governors Council, announced i-CANADA Chair Bill Hutchison. "Dr. Graham's vision for ORION will fit perfectly with the high-energy contributions of other leaders who are opening Canada's door to the future," said Mr. Hutchison.

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A Letter from John Reid to Tech Community Executives:
On behalf of the CATA Board of Governors, we encourage you to work with us in advancing the CATA mission and to requesti the use of our resources to help advance your success in the marketplace. Many large and small companies alike are doing so and benefiting through audience acquisition, marketing insight, advocacy and sales.

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Linking Capital to Advanced Technology Companies: Join the TSX - CATA Capital Connections Series
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Announcing the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign, a contest for start-up Canadian companies and a year-long editorial and mentoring campaign.
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The current rush towards "Crowdfunding" for start-up enterprises is being adopted by the arts community, as a way of getting funding for artistic productions. Those interested in the uses of social media and the new incarnation of Crowdfunding could check into an independent project called Prison Dancer, a fictionalized story of the Youtube viral phenomenon the "dancing Inmates of cebu" -- the Filipino prisoners who took the Internet by storm in the mid 2000s when they danced in synch to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

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Please join us on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 for a presentation by Carey McBeth, a nationally recognized etiquette and networking protocol trainer, where she will provide the tips to guide your personal branding activities in the social media age

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