New Sales Compensation -- Video Sharing & Compensation Data for Attracting & Retaining Key Talent Now Previewed
March 4, 2016

compensationsurvey.jpgUnsure of How Much to Pay Your Technology Salespeople?

++ Action Item: Please review the background on the new Video Channel and 2016 Sales Compensation Survey (segmented for SMEs & Large Enterprises) now previewed at the URLs provided below.

Interested or have feedback? then contact David Johnston, President Sales Resource Group Inc., and member, CATA Innovation Leadership Council at


Sales compensation has become a critical element in the achievement of improved sales performance and results. Knowing what the market is paying for critical sales roles in your organization enables you to attract and retain strong sales performers and achieve optimum sales results.

Our new Sales Compensation Channel serves as a resource for professionals to connect with peers, share knowledge, research, collaborate and seek suggestions on attracting and retaining best talent for enterprise growth. It will also provide a venue for company video commentary on their technologies, services and work environments or cultures

>>  Video Channel URL:

>>  2016 CATA Sales Compensation Survey (pdf):

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