Public Safety eProfile Launched - National Public Safety Buyers Portal Getting Launch Ready
March 3, 2015

An online eProfile is now available for all companies who seek Canadian public safety agencies as customers, including police, fire, EMS, utilities, hospitals, and government agencies. Further, this eProfile also seeks to identify Canadian institutes focused on delivering public safety related programs and research.

This eProfile is a preliminary step in the development of a national Public Safety Buyer's Portal (PSBP). A brief two page outline of this Portal is available here: PSBP Executive Summary in PDF

"We know how difficult it can be for vendors to create awareness of their product and service offerings among those in the public safety space, and frequently get asked by those in the public safety community to assist in identifying companies with key capabilities," says CATAAlliance Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes. "Our intentions are to develop our public safety buyers portal beginning with this preliminary building block, which will result in a comprehensive, evergreen and searchable database of companies and organizations dedicated to advancing public safety products and solutions, or advancing public safety in Canada as part of their government, non-profit or academic research mandate."

On Tuesday, March 10 at 1:30 PM EST, join in a TechNOW video interview hosted by Kevin Wennekes as he discusses the Portal with CATAAlliance's Public Safety Advisory Board Director Dan Elliott,  Manager, Communication Systems – Integrated Operations Control Centre Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

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Review the list of key public safety organizations already being promoted on the CATASecure site.

More on the Portal

In light of today’s economic realities, this Portal seeks to optimize public safety procurement for long-term sustainability. The Public Safety Buyers Portal (PSBP) is anticipated to save Canadian public safety (police, fire, EMS, EMOs, F/P/T/M) agencies time and money researching, evaluating, and procuring equipment and technologies.

The PSBP is foreseen to offer a social/community procurement portal that will allow PSAs to collaborate throughout the research, evaluation and procurement process. Unlike individually doing so, the PSBP will offer a centralized, collaborative and secure site allowing agencies to share best practices (RFPs, testimonials, risk management frameworks), coordinate group buys leveraging economy of scale savings, and achieve value-based procurement.

The PSBP will also provide direct links to known vendors of a vast array of products and services thereby enriching procurement through access to robust company listings resulting in a broader range of procurement options with healthier competitive processes. This link furthers the goal of creating greater visibility of the innovative products and solutions available to PSAs and assisting vendors in their desire to raise brand awareness among Canadian PSAs.


TechNOW Interview with Dale McFee, Deputy Minister of Corrections and Policing, Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice, on importance of Public Safety Partnerships.

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